LL 1681 – Bulletin 012 – First Aid Training

May 22, 2023

As a member of LL1681, Sister Samantha Hunter has offered to provide members the opportunity to obtain standard first aid training, as a certified and insured instructor. This initiative is being organized in memory of Brother Adil Abubakar.

The first aid course will be offered in YYC on June 22nd & 23rd in order to provide as many members as possible the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to offer assistance to someone in medical distress. The dates and venue for YEG will be announced shortly in a separate bulleting. The union arranged an onsite venue to host the training, booking the Silver Dart Conference Room from the YYC Airport Authority, at no cost to the local. The in-person training portion of the program is approximately eight (8) hours long and will be held from 0830-1730. Participants will be required to complete some online self-study, prior to attending the in-person instruction. Self-study time varies by participant, but
generally takes four (4) to five (5) hours to do {it does not need to be done all at once; the online learning will save whatever progress has been made.}

Registrants must provide a preferred email address to sam@heartlandfirstaid.com for the purpose of uploading the online portion of the program from the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) site.

Sister Hunter is donating all necessary materials, and the Union is providing her with time clearance for one (1) day. The program is free of cost, except for those members wanting full certification. The price to receive the official certificate is $50 per participant—a $160 value! Members seeking to be recertified are not required to complete the online portion–proof of valid certification required.

Registration is limited to eighteen (18) participants per class, per CRC program standards, so I encourage those interested to signup early. Please provide your name, preferred date, type of shift morning/midday/evening/relief) and indicate if you intend to pay for the certificate ($50 fee). If the classes are filled and there remains significant interest, more classes will be offered. If you register for the program, please ensure that you attend, because any ‘no-shows’ potentially takes a spot away from someone else.

Any questions, or for more information, please send an email to sam@heartlandfirstaid.com.

In Solidarity,
Eljay Camponi