DL140 Bulletin013 – Shift Trades

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The Union made every effort to get a cease and desist, we cited the facts that there would be irreparable harm to our membership should the company be allowed to continue with this process.

We further advised the Arbitrator there would be no harm to the company should he award the cease and desist in our favour. Unfortunately he did not agree with us and issued the following award:

Arbitrator Raymond Decision: March 2, 2015:

The Union made an interim relief application in respect of this grievance. The grievance relates to shift trades, rest periods and positive pay. I conducted a teleconference hearing today. The grievance is scheduled to be heard on March 25, 2015.

Having heard the representations of the parties, I decided to adjourn the interim relief application to the hearing date. If on that date the parties are, for whatever reason, unable to complete the hearing, I will rehear the interim application at that time. I was not convinced that there will be irreparable harm suffered by anyone in the interim between today’s date and the hearing date. Should any individual during this interim period believe they have been irreparably harmed, they should contact their union to raise the issue. Air Canada management at the LR level shall turn their attention to these individual cases for resolution.

Dated at Toronto, this 2nd day of March, 2015.

In solidarity,

Tony Didoshak, General Chairperson Western Region


Bulletin 013 – AIR CANADA – Shift Trades – Update (English)