New MLA From Within Our Ranks!!! – Jamie Kleinsteuber

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

On behalf of Local Lodge 1681, congratulations Brother Jamie Kleinsteuber on his successful campaign in the riding of Calgary Northern Hills. Jamie is a member of Local Lodge 1681 and is now the NDP MLA for Calgary Northern Hills.

May 05, 2015 will certainly find its place in the political history books of Alberta. The results were talked about in early polling but most definitely an eye opener on the evening of May 05, 2015 for many Albertans and Canadians. For all members of Local Lodge 1681 that made it to the polls, thank you for exercising your constitutional right to cast a ballot. For those who chose not to take part, the theory that every vote counts was certainly proven. There is a Federal election coming in 2015, you will have a second chance to make your contribution towards political history.

There is one very important message that we can take away from the provincial election and apply it directly to our involvement in the Labor movement. Solidarity and casting a vote can achieve the impossible. The people if Alberta came together with a common goal and delivered a party who held 4 seats to an impressive 53 seat majority because they wanted change. As we witness the erosion of benefits, pay and quality of life in a race to the bottom while profits and bonuses sore to record levels, it is time for us to stand together and say enough. Attend the membership meetings, sign up for the bulletin distribution list, like us on face book and follow us on twitter.

In Solidarity,

James Burden

Jamie Kleinsteuber