DL140 Bulletin027 – Air Canada Rouge & Sky Regional Common Employer Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Further  to District  Lodge 140 Bulletin No.  24,  issued  on  May 4,  2015,  Transportation  District  140 Representatives met  internally  with  the  Low  Cost  Carrier  (LCC)  Committee  Members,  our  legal  counsel  and Mediator  Vincent  Ready on  May  12,,  2015  and directly  with  Air  Canada  in  YVR  on  the  afternoon of  May  12  and  all  day  on  May  13,  2015.

Transportation District  140 representatives,  Low  Cost  Carrier  Committee  Members  and  our  legal  counsel  also  met internally on May 14, 2015. In addition to the above meetings  Transportation  District  140 Representatives,  LCC  Committee Members  and  our legal counsel met internally and directly with Air Canada in YYZ on May 26 & 27, 2015.

Because  of  the  confidentiality  of  this  process  that  has  been  agreed  to between  the  parties  in  the  various  mediation orders  and the  mediation protocol  agreement,  your  Union  is  unable to  provide our  Members  with any specific informational updates as to the exact issues of discussion.

The parameters  of  these  discussions  are clear  to both parties  and have been  communicated clearly  to our  Members in  all  Bulletins  on  the  Common  Employer  CIRB  mediation process.    Air  Canada  and  its  affiliated  Regional  partners are continuing with their  publicly  stated cost  transformation  process.    Through  this  process  they  have engaged with the IAMAW  to detail  their  concerns  and  issues  with  respect  to our  Members  continuing  to  perform  the current  work assigned under the Collective Agreement.

The  IAMAW,  as  clearly  and continually  stated  in  all  communications  with  our  Members,  are  committed  to  the  long term  job security  for  all  of  our  Members.    In addition  the  IAMAW  is  striving to ensure  that  our  Members  continue to work  under  fair  and  equitable terms  and  conditions  for  all  work  performed  for  Air  Canada  and all  of  its  affiliated  low cost and Regional flying partners

The  IAMAW  continues  to re-assess  this  process  and the course  of  action necessary  in order  to ensure the best outcome for our Members.

The IAMAW will continue to provide further information as it becomes available.

In Solidarity,

Fred  Hospes,

President  &  Directing General  Chairperson Transportation District 140, IAMAW