DL140 Bulletin015 – Air Canada Rouge and Sky Regional Single Employer Applications

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Today the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) has made two separate applications to the Canada Industrial Relations Board, for single employer status between Air Canada and Air Canada rouge (ACrouge), and between Air Canada and Sky Regional Airlines.
The IAMAW has filed these applications as Sky Regional is a company that was created to carry out Air Canada flying on Air Canada routes using Air Canada aircraft and ACrouge is a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Canada that was created by Air Canada to carry out Air Canada flying. Both of these companies’ operations fall under Air Canada‚Äôs control and direction. We have filed these applications to allow us to protect the work done by our Members and their jobs at Air Canada.

In Solidarity,


Fred Hospes, President and Directing General Chairperson Transportation District 140, IAMAW



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