DL140 Bulletin – Swissport Green Shield Benefits

Dear Brothers & Sisters:
Please be advised that the IAMAW and CBS Benefits have finalized and agreed to a
final settlement with Green Shield Canada regarding outstanding billing issues.
As such, Green Shield Canada has adjudicated claims incurred prior to the Green
Shield Canada termination date (June 1, 2014) with the exception of approximately
ten (10) claims as they were either paid directly to a service provider, incurred after
the termination date of June 1, 2014 (these claims can be submitted to Manulife), or
claims that still require more information. The adjudicated claim cheques have been
given directly to the Union and they will be sent to each of the respective offices in
order that they can be distribution the affected Members.
In addition, Green Shield Canada has agreed to adjudicate any claims that were
incurred prior to the termination date of June 1, 2014 for a twelve (12) month period.
Therefore, Members with outstanding benefit claims incurred prior to June 1, 2014
must submit these claims to Green Shield Canada on or before May 30, 2015.
In Solidarity,
Fred Hospes, President & Directing General Chairperson
Transportation District 140, IAMAW