DL 140 – Bulletin 011 – National Vaccine Policy Grievance Arbitration Award

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

On August 30, 2021, District Lodge 140 filed a National Policy grievance challenging Air Canada’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy. Further to Bulletin No. 039, dated November 2, 2022, your Union, led by our legal counsel, have concluded a multiple-date hearing on this matter. On May 11, 2023, Arbitrator Vince Ready rendered his decision regarding our National Policy grievance.

With great disappointment, we must advise our members that the arbitrator has dismissed the Union’s policy grievance. The full arbitration award, with the arbitrator’s decision, will be posted on the District Lodge webpage for all members to view.

The next steps for your Union will include a complete review of all pertinent outstanding grievances; including individual vaccine policy grievances, medical accommodation grievances and religious accommodation grievances. Once our internal review is concluded, the membership will be advised in writing of the outcome of these reviews.

As always, your Union would like to thank the membership for your continued support and patience while the grievance procedure was executed.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your local Shop Committee Representatives or your General Chairperson should you have any questions.

In solidarity,

Dave Flowers

Steve Prinz

Kevin Timms

Mahmoud Khatib

Lou Pagrach

Dan Janssen

Ed Hepburn

Serge Gelinas

Guillaume Lingat

Tony Didoshak

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