Contact your Senators and Members of Parliament!

Attention all Membership

The Conservative government, which is supposed to protect and help the citizens, is waging war on the everyday Canadian.  This focused attack is currently at people working within a unionized environment but the trickle down effect of the outcome will encompass every working Canadian.  The Conservatives are trying to push legislation which will greatly favour the corporate side of Canada and leave the average person without any protection.  Please read this discussion about Bill C-377 which is just ONE of the multiple attacks the Conservatives are waging against you and me.  There are form letters and lists of Senators which you can email or write to and ask for their assistance in trashing this one sided, discriminatory legislation and level the playing field.  A majority government which represents the “ideals” of 38% of Canada is pushing this.  Don’t forget it at the next election!

Wayne Marston House of Commons Discussion

Bill C-377 Target Senators

C-377 Form Letter English

C-377 Form Letter French