YYC Bids


28 March, 2014

Hey everyone!!  So we will be rebidding next week due to the spare relief that kept growing yesterday.  They will be reposting the shifts WITH the added spare relief lines [...]

Upcoming bid information

25 March, 2014

Hey everybody!  Please note that I have made the LSA and SA bid sheet on the same page.  I realize this is a huge document but I think this will solve peoples questions [...]

New bid times and GHO bids

8 December, 2013

Hi everybody!  Please note that the times have been readjusted for the remainder of the Station Attendant bid for Monday December 9/2013.  Also, the GHO will be bid the [...]

Winter Shaft Bid

29 September, 2013

Hello all, The winter shafts are up.  See you on bid day which is October 2nd and 3rd. [...]

PT Rebid

8 April, 2013

  Hello all PT.  The rebid will be on Thursday, April 11/2013.  To my chagrin it will be starting at 07:00.  The number of 4×3’s has greatly increased.  There [...]

YEG Bids!!

13 November, 2010

  Hello Everyone!  I have posted the YEG bids.  To access them please place your cursor over tools and follow the drop down menus.  I do not know the accurate phone [...]

The shifts are posted!

28 October, 2010

Hey everyone!  I have just the shifts on the website currently… I do not have the bid times as of yet.  Please carefully look over the shifts and if you notice any [...]